"99 Faces of Occupy Wall St." reveals a cross-section of people behind the national occupy movement at the home of its origin. Created by photographer and filmmaker August Bradley (www.AugustBradley.com).

To many of us watching around the country via fragmented glimpses in the media, it's hard to understand who is behind this movement and what has brought so many of them to Wall St.

Since the movement is non-hierarchical and is not represented by leaders or clearly defined personalities, any glimpse requires a broad sample. 99 people selected as arbitrarily as possible seemed like an appropriate, as well as symbolic, number to get a sense of what's happening here.

This portrait series focuses on faces -- no environment, no signs; each person with an honest look into the lens without any trappings other than what they were wearing at the time. We wanted it to be personal, these portraits are a look into the eyes.

And we asked them a question: "Why are you here?". Alongside the portraits is a spontaneous explanation as to the motivations of the people we met.

The majority of the sample is comprised of activists who are camped out or are actively participating at the Wall St. occupation. Our net also captured a few visitors, curious and drawn to the event -- often to see for themselves with a distrust of media reports, or to photograph what was happening in an effort to spread the word. Others were there to work: medics, food service staff, and visitors trying to make a contribution.

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